Anti Cockroach Stainless Steel & Plastic Floor Trapper

Corner Units, Junction Box & End Caps

Mounted this corner unit by hand in 90-degree turns or in TEE-shaped.

Inner surface is manufactured in an oval and carries waste water very fast. easy to install – can be extended with hand without machinery and are quickly set in place.

Stainless Anti Cockroach Floor Trapper

Stainless steel material - Prevents odour - Top cover with locks can be easily removed for cleaning. Size – Can Be Made available In Any size

Corner Balcony Drain

70mm Plastic corner balcony drain containing 70mm of input and outlet. Product consists of: Plastic Body & Grating with 70mm of outlet for terrace and balcony

Manhole Models

The raw material for PVC, UV resistant to different sizes, the grid or full cover option is available with high-strength products