Flexible Channel Drain

Create a beautiful designer balcony with Jar Italia. Form meets function with Jar Italia Flexible drain solutions for your balcony. The innovative Balcony Drain can be located in any position along the entire base for ultimate flexibility.

Channels and gratings are manufactured from high strength polypropylene HDPE which is a lightweight, robust material. Quick and easy to install, and channel assemblies can be simply joined together to extend the run of the channel system.

This trench drain offers a durable alternative to concrete channel that will save time and reduce cost at installation. Used for intake and draining of rainwater everywhere, where storm water control is needed.

Can be installed on top of the concrete slab with ceramic or natural stone tiles, this enables the top of the tray to lie flush with the tile top of the tile for a smooth, slick finish.

Say goodbye to ugly tile cuts, our linear grates do not require ugly wedge tile cuts that are required on traditional floor drains. No more dirt build up, our cleverly designed balcony drainage system ensures that all dirt and hair will pass through the balcony drain and not get caught on the drain lid. Forget Rusting & Stain marks.

So, if you want a versatile linear grate that’s fully customizable and gives you the flexibility to design a beautiful balcony, at a price that’s right, you can choose a balcony drain that offers style and function – all in one.

Application Area - Balconies, Terrace, front of garage, Pool edges, landscaping, driveways, parking areas, Entertainment centers, Pedestrian walkways, Pedestrian sidewalk edges

Linear Channel / Grate Technical Specification

Features of balcony Drain

Few Grating Patterns -

  • Wave pattern
  • square magic
  • round pattern
  • standard pattern