Floor Trapper


The SMART TILE DRAIN - is an innovative breakthrough lifting the image of floor grates to a new focus in decor. It eliminates the image of a dark and sometimes messy drainage pit in the floor. Gives you the opportunity to blend invention, quality and unique design into the bathroom.

SmartTile Drain forms a neat, crisp edge to surrounding floor tiles giving a 5mm gap for surface water to escape (nearly double the capacity of a standard grate). It completely hides the drainage pit below.

The centre tile recess allows a coordinated tile to be at one with the surrounding floor tiles, in effect disappearing into the overall décor. Alternatively, use the centre tile recess to highlight a feature tile or contrasting tile for a spectacular effect. Either way, water will simply and stylishly disappear in front of your very eyes.

Stainless Design covers from Jar Italiaput aesthetics and technology in a nutshell. Different solid stainless steel cover versions provide plenty of room for individuality, allow drains to be either accented or consciously reduced in appearance in the tiled version.Made of stainless steel with Lock & Lift-System.


Guarantee: 10 years replacement guarantee in case of leakage or any manufacturing defects

Good reasons to specify SMARTILE DRAIN include:

StainlessSteel Square Floor Trapper-

Stainless steel material - Prevents odour - Top cover with locks can be easily removed for cleaning. Can Be Made available In Any size. We'll offer you the high quality Stainless steel drain with the best price & service.


Bathroom, Kitchen, Dry Balcony, Veranda, Washing Machine Area, public drain area

  • Many Lid Patterns Available
  • Whole Floordrain made of stainless Steel
  • Cover plate fixing: put directly

Stainless Steel Anti-Cockroach Floor Trapper—

We manufacture Cockroach Trap Classic Square in a vast range. These are developed from top quality Steel and other raw material. These are checked before offering from different parameter to ensure the quality and reliability. We offer them at vivid shape and sizes as per the demand of our customers at reasonable price.

Classic Floor Trapper

Bathroom/Floor Drain made of ABS / polypropylen and stainless steel, DN 50 outlet (2.5 deg slope), 0.9 l / sec flow rate, with removable odor trap, adjustable ABS upper body, stainless steel grating, load class K (300 kg), thermal resistance to 90 °c (check info)

This floor drain is designed for use both indoors and outdoors