Typical Drain Placement in Bathroom Floor Construction –

By pitching a floor in one direction, the possibilities are infinite:

Installation Guide

Typical Drain Placement in Bathroom Floor Construction


Modern bathroom design:

A new ideal - a barrier free shower environment that removes the restrictions imposed by conventional products. The wet room concept enables a minimalist approach to design, creating space, allowing freedom of movement while providing a platform to bring out the very best in the products you have chosen.

Small but significant details:

Attention to fine detail - such as drainage, is all important.Foremost it must be safe, ideally harmonious with your chosen finish, its capacity should comfortably exceed the shower output and it should be simple to maintain.Not least it must integrate within the structural fabric of thewetroom, thereby offering ongoing, leak-proof performance for total peace of mind.

Our line of products accentuates the shower space, allowing for maximum water evacuation and creating a feeling of spaciousness. - The linear evacuation allows more stylized designs thanks to ease of implementation of outstanding shower.

The shower channels are made of high quality material for stylish looks, effortless functionality, and an extremely smooth surface that shrugs off water and soap. Jar Italia Inc makes Shower Drain channels for every installation situation including bathroom renovation. The synergies that can be achieved by excellent technical and design qualities.



Installation against the wall – Simplest slope solution in one direction –slope away from the bathroom – no risk of bypass – use of CPE flexiblemembrane recommended.

Walk through: Installation against the wall – Slope in one direction –just shower area of whole bathroom floor can be sloped towardschannel – use of CPE flexible membrane recommended.

Walk-in: Installation against the wall – Simplest slope solution in onedirection – slope away from the bathroom – no risk of overshootingwater.

Walk-in: Installation at the entrance-Two directional slope towards the channel.Channel length should exactly fit the shower opening.

Installation at shower entrance –Slope in one direction, towards the bathroom – possible risk of bypass – slope of bathroom floor towards shower area isrecommended to prevent bypass. Channel length should exactlyfit the shower opening

Quality & Functionality

Polycarbonate Tray /Channel

Tray Guarantee: 10 years replacement guaranteeincase of leakage or any manufacturing defects



Shower Grate Components

The basic alloy Type 304 (18-8) is austenitic steel possessing a minimum of 18% chromium and 8%nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is nonmagnetic steel which cannot be hardened byheat treatment, but instead must be coldworked to obtain higher tensile strengths.

Shower Tray Components

Made of Polycarbonate; a durable material which ishigh impact & low scratch-resistant. Polycarbonate can undergo large plastic deformations without cracking or breaking.

Technical Consideration-

The flow value for a 2” outlet varies depending upon the head of water above the grating. In the case of shower channels, a head of water is not typical in practice, due to shallower floor grades. Floor drains can have a head of water due to ‘basin’ profile of floor grades. Flow values without any accumulation (head of water) should be used when shower channels are placed around the perimeter of the shower and no shower threshold step is used.If the shower channel is installed against a wall, there may be a small amount of accumulation (head of water)depending on the layout of shower area. Grade of shower floor will determine depth of build up.

Water Flow -

If Installed against the wall - outflow rate up to 9.51 GPM (Gallons per minute ) based on the floor grade such that 0.2” (5mm) head of water possible.

If Installed at the entrance the outlet flow rate is up to 6.65 GPM (Gallons per minute) based on no water accumulation (head of water)

Hence the choice of Shower Channel generally depends on the flow values of the shower fitting. 70% of shower heads have a maximum capacity of less than 3GPM.

Jar Italia drain standard channel has an outflow of 6.65 GPM. This value assumes no head of water above drain; standard channel can be used in conjunction with the majority of shower head fittings.